Apatite is the name for a group of phosphate minerals. It occurs in a wide variety of attractive colors and forms and as it is a relatively soft mineral making it a favorite gemstone among collectors. They prize them not only for their colors but also their beautiful fluorescence.

The Greeks were the first to recognize the chameleon-like qualities of Apatite and its ability to resemble other crystals. The name meaning comes from the Greek word “to deceive,” because of its unique properties and possibility of being easily confused with several other precious gemstones.

Apatite’s healing property is to encourage the growth of one’s spirituality and health. It improves stress levels, reawaken a sense of clarity to self-expression, gives guidance to maintain balance between following our dreams and the daily responsibilities. In meditation Apatite is reminding that truly knowing oneself is the key to open up the doors of the universe, a place where anything is possible.

Blue Apatite stimulates the Throat Chakras.